Don’t take our word for it…

Knockomie Hotel
“We’ve been using Welcome Anywhere since February this year after deciding to replace our previous booking system and the cost and customer service advantages have been tremendous.

“Welcome Anywhere is commission-free and highly affordable. I can now update key information myself, client booking confirmations are fully automated and the system is completely mobile, so I can keep up-to-date using a tablet or smartphone even when I’m out of the office.

“Welcome Anywhere is also integrated with the online travel agencies (OTAs), cutting out any risk of double bookings and giving me real peace of mind. The new rate manager includes some very interesting features and we’re now looking forward to a busy summer season.”

Carol Duffus, Knockomie Hotel
Horse and Groom
We found Welcome Anywhere provided the perfect balance of functionality and affordability and since committing to the software we have had nothing but a positive experience.
Tom Greenstock, Horse and Groom
Jubilee Inn
As we’ve developed and grown, so has Welcome, and we’ve been able to work together, fine tuning our room detail and packages.

When we came here in 2007 the booking system was a Boots diary, and we have moved so much further forward with Welcome’s help. We were very proud to pick up the Brewery Annual Award for Best Accommodation House Tenancy in January, 2015. We couldn’t have done that without Welcome!

Charlie Edgeler, Jubilee Inn
Stanley House
The whole team at Welcome has been very helpful, utterly professional, and willing listeners during the implementation of our online booking system and diary. Would I recommend Welcome? Yes!
Harry Berger, Stanley House
Jura Hotel
Until quite recently we were using a home-designed Excel product to manage our room bookings which my brother had designed! This worked quite well initially, but it was only on one computer and had some bugs, which meant that it couldn’t grow with every Microsoft update. This was a bit problematic.

Eventually The Jura Hotel got too big for this system so we started to look for a professional supplier. The Welcome Anywhere online option means that I can be at home with my kids when I need to be, while still taking bookings on a 24/7 basis over my laptop.

The way the invoicing is set up means that we can’t check guests out until they’ve settled their bill, which is obviously very helpful. We also wanted to see at a glance whether we’d had to turn any bookings away on a certain day.

All hotels have their own intricacies and the Welcome team have proved to be very clever at helping us adapt the system to meet our specific needs.

Cath McCallum, Jura Hotel
Firstly, some great feedback from our team with regards to the new additions – group bookings are so much easier to put on the system now! You have potentially saved me hours editing different rooms.

We’re really excited that Welcome are taking on board feedback from clients like us.

Simon Wellington, The Grand Hotel, Swansea
We met Welcome Systems at a trade exhibition whilst looking for an alternative PMS and I haven’t regretted for a single moment our decision to change to theirs. They are a professional, helpful, straightforward company.

Their in-house and online hotel booking system works 100% all the time.

I cannot recommend them enough. Their attitude and good grace was everything we could hope for.