How to make email marketing work for your hotel

Would you like a fun fact?  Of course you would.  Did you know, by the end of 2018, there were 3.8 billion people worldwide with an active email address.  In the UK, most adults have at least one personal email address.  Considering how much time and money people spend online, that’s hardly surprising.

With statistics like […]

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How your PMS improves hotel staff productivity

Considering how hard hoteliers work, it feels almost insulting to accuse them of ever being unproductive.  These are people who manage to cram twenty-five hours of work into a single shift.  There are thankless days when it seems struggling through is the best anyone can do.

If you’re having issues with hotel staff productivity, I’ve got […]

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5 marketing tips to increase your hotel’s Spring bookings

As we march into a new season, it’s time for us to spring into action.

I’m sorry – I couldn’t resist…

Calendar puns aside, now the mercury’s rising and the sun’s out for longer, it’s clear that spring’s just over the horizon.  As the packed agenda of festivities begin to creep closer to us, it’s time to […]

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The subtle future of the hotel guest experience

You can be forgiven for acquainting the idea of “change” with the word “radical”.  Often change is punctuated by a glitter cannon.  In software terms, innovation is celebrated, advertised, and delivered with a great big neon arrow.  Yet, when we think of innovation, we rarely think “hotels”.

But that doesn’t mean that hotels aren’t evolving.  In […]

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How to create a killer room rate strategy for your hotel

We can write teaching-gran-to-suck-eggs articles about being customer focussed on repeat until they become white noise.  And it stands to reason; your hotel’s warm and friendly experience will always be top priority.  However, you can’t provide warmth or friendship if there’s nobody booked in to experience it.

You’re still running a business, after all… right?

Those doors […]

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Know your area: The importance of destination marketing

A question for you: is your hotel the main reason for guests to be visiting your area?  Perhaps you have a spa and run relaxation weekends.  Maybe you host major events.  It would be nice to think that your venue is the epicentre of your guests’ weekend, but for many, it’s probably more a matter […]

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5 reasons a PMS will increase your hotel revenue

Hotels are about the people.  The people booking in for a comfortable stay.  And, the people who work to make that stay memorable.  Moreover, it is the personal touches that are remembered.  Excellent and personable staff increase your hotel revenue with excellent salesmanship. And of course, by creating a desire to return to the hotel […]

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What will hotel guests want from in-room entertainment this year?

In-room hotel entertainment used to be remarkably simple. A TV with access to terrestrial channels and pay-per-view movies was about as far as it stretched until tablets, streaming and a desire to link home devices to in-room tech began to emerge.

The Caterer recently published a round-up of what it expects to be the in-room entertainment of […]

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5 reasons to change your PMS

The signs that you need to change your hotel’s property management system (PMS) aren’t always that obvious.

This is because the PMS is a tool which is deeply embedded within your operation, and even if it’s gradually falling apart by the seams, staff will probably accept its increasing number of foibles and assume that’s just how […]

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5 tips for maximising direct bookings in 2019

Hosted by TripTease in February, the Direct Booking Summit is the first event of its kind devoted to helping hoteliers increase the number of direct bookings they receive.

The fact direct booking now has its own summit is a clear indication of how big a challenge it is for hoteliers (particularly independents) to drive bookings through […]

By |January 10th, 2019|Hotel channel manager (OTA)|0 Comments

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