Yes! For many, that is all they need to know. But for those with an interest in the behind the scenes tech, here are some further details:

Hosting infrastructure

  • All servers contained within the solution are located within Microsoft Azure cloud environment.
  • Linux and Windows Operating systems are utilised
  • Multi Layered resilience built into the Azure offering for data replication and business continuity

User interface

  • The UI is written in PHP and Jscript
  • Hosted on a Linux platform running Apache web platform


  • Dedicated Server running SQL Server 2014 SP1
  • Replicated to secondary server for optimum uptime
  • Potential data loss kept to a minimum with 15 minute backups and data replicated across 2 data centres

Security and service continuity

  • No Data is stored in the web or application tier, with all data stored on the database server
  • Database server is only accessible for a controlled list of IP addresses for remote access
  • SQL access to the database server is through a non-default port and is only accessible to the application server and only on the internal Domain IP address of the server
  • All other access both in and out of the SQL server is locked down
  • A full backup process is on operation with daily full backups, regular differential backups and at 15 minute intervals. These backups are stored away from the main solution and replicated to 2 different Azure data centres
  • Secondary server kept in a replicated state to allow for rapid failover
  • All application and web servers have warm standby secondary servers should there be a failure of the primary

Credit Card Storage Module

Credit card details are tokenised and on retrieval the CVV2 number is not stored or displayed. The system is PCI compliant under a PCI DSS AOC and utilises a third party (PCI Booking) for all credit card data transactions.

We’re a hospitality original with over 30 years experience of supporting hotels with innovative software products. What’s more, we have worked at senior level in hotels so we do understand the challenges you face and know where to add value. Welcome is UK-based in the county of Northamptonshire, and proudly part of Valsoft Corp – the worldwide leader in the hospitality software vertical.

Welcome Anywhere is a fully cloud-based hotel management system. There’s no need to install anything on your devices and we keep all of your data ultra safe on our Microsoft Azure-powered servers. All you need is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection!

We’re always innovating, listening to customers and keeping an eye on the latest movers and shakers in the hospitality industry. That enables us to continue adding the latest and greatest functionality to Welcome Anywhere at a rapid pace. And the best news? Most upgrades are completely free! Some future modules we offer will be optional.

Welcome Anywhere is perfect for independent hotels, pubs with rooms, inns, groups, B&Bs and guesthouses.

Welcome Anywhere is supported 24/7/365 via the cloud infrastructure on which it runs. We also provide UK-based telephone, online chat and email support throughout the week. Additionally, our blog, podcasts, webinars and videos will immerse you in a vibrant community of likeminded hoteliers.

Yes! And then some! Group bookings are fully supported in Welcome Anywhere.

Welcome Anywhere is charged monthly and collected in advance by Direct Debit or paid for via credit card, for which there is no fixed contract and you can cancel at any time. We also have some great annual plans which will save you money.

Welcome Anywhere is super-easy to use and we are on a constant mission to ensure the features contained within it are instantly familiar. However, we appreciate you may need to speak to someone occasionally, and all Welcome Anywhere contracts include Monday-Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm telephone support. Technically, the system is supported every second of the year, though, because it is our responsibility to ensure it is always available, no matter where you are.

You’ll find a link to the Welcome Anywhere service terms and conditions at the bottom of every page.

Welcome Anywhere is compatible with a number of till systems. Please contact us to find out more.

No. We’ve built Welcome Anywhere in a ‘responsive’ fashion, so that it automatically resizes itself to best fit the screen size in use – without turning any features off.

Yes. In fact, it’ll work on almost any device with an Internet connection and web browser!

None at all. You simply pay a low, fixed monthly fee for Welcome Anywhere and can add SMS text messaging at 6p per message, if required. We also have a growing range of optional modules for those requiring enhanced functionality.

You don’t need to! All Welcome Anywhere subscriptions include automated backups as standard. You need not lift a finger.

Welcome Anywhere offers a host of ways to flex your rates on any date and across multiple room types and packages with just a few clicks. You can do this via daily overrides, seasonal rates, rate flexing and integration with BookingSuite by

We have successfully migrated properties from a range of booking systems to Welcome Anywhere, without any manual input required. Data comes in many different forms but we will always endeavour to oversee a timely and seamless migration.

Yes, of course. Welcome Anywhere includes a powerful rate management tool which enables you to build your rack and seasonal rates, special offers, and much more.

We would expect you to see an increase in your establishment’s occupancy due to the live accuracy of your availability and the ease with which guests can book. The automated process of updating your website (and others) frees your time to do other things. What’s more, you can send discount codes to guests in order to convince them to book directly and increase the value of their stay by offering optional extras such as champagne on arrival. Online booking is no longer an optional tool – it is an essential one.

Don’t worry, we have invested heavily in our technical infrastructure and your data is safe. Welcome Anywhere Plus also has an emergency list, so you can still view current guests, arrivals, departures and availability for up to two weeks in the future while you wait for your connection to return. Welcome Anywhere has also been optimised for mobile devices, so if you have a 3G-connected smartphone, you’ll be able to access your entire booking system from the palm of your hand.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

In the event that either party wishes to cancel, the cancelling party shall provide the other party with sixty (60) days’ written notice, save where the agreement can be terminated without notice as provided for in section 16 of the Welcome Anywhere terms & conditions. No refund will be made. To notify us that you wish to cancel, please do so via

Please note we do not charge for your data, however there may be a charge for its extraction and delivery.

No, the system is 100% web-based which means that you only need an internet connection.

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