Free eBook: 10 essential tips for choosing a hotel booking system

Need a new hotel booking system? If you’ve inherited an old system, exhausted the capabilities of your existing PMS or plan to open a new hotel and want the absolute best technology to make it a success, a quick search on Google will present a confusing world of countless options.

How do you sift through those results and find the best hotel booking system for your hotel?

In this guide, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to choose the best hotel booking system;
  • why hotel booking systems are the new ‘PMS’;
  • the true benefits of channel managers;
  • why interfaces are vital in the modern world of hospitality;
  • the importance of PCI compliance (and what it actually means!);
  • how to avoid paying commission on bookings;
  • why web-based hotel booking systems will mobilise and delight your team.

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