Welcome Anywhere Integrations

Looking for a fully-connected hospitality experience? The Welcome Anywhere hotel booking system is compatible with a wide range of systems, from POS to guest review platforms.


TrustYou’s guest feedback platform finally follows the entire guest journey from initial booking to beyond checkout, and it’s fully integrated with Welcome Anywhere.



S4 Labour

The fastest growing labour management system is developed by Catton Hospitality and fully compatible with Welcome Anywhere. Worry about that rota no more!


S4 Labour


With the motto ‘direct is best’, Triptease aims to help hotels recapture guest relationships and increase conversions on their own website.




Datasym’s reliable and cost-effective solution provides hospitality businesses with the control and insight they need to fully manage their operations and make informed, real-time decisions.

Welcome Anywhere offers full, two-way integration with Datasym POS – our most comprehensive integration to date.


Datasym POS logo


The TISSL Point of Sale system has an attractive and fully configurable user interface, and is full of great  features, functionality and security, that runs on conventional EPOS terminals or mobile tablet devices.


ICR Touch

The ICR Touch state-of-the-art flagship touch screen till software is effortless, reliable, proven and cutting-edge. It scans, totals, handles cash and cards and even includes integral loyalty software.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with ICR Touch.


ICR Touch logo

Micros (Oracle)

Now owned by Oracle, MICROS offers a range of software, hardware and related services along with rapidly growing cloud solutions to manage hotels and food & beverage facilities.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with the MICROS range of POS systems.


Micro logo


Fidelity are leading suppliers of end-to-end business solutions for the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure sectors and have over 6000 clients worldwide including a significant presence in the hotel sector.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with the GPOS till system.


Fidelity logo


Whether you are a small business, part of a large restaurant chain or a fine dining restaurant, the WaiterPOS point of sale solution can be tailored to suit your venue.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with the CPOS WaiterPOS software.


CPOS logo

Apollo Touch

Apollo is the name of LCR Systems’ flagship POS software product. Easy to use, feature-rich and totally expandable, Apollo allows you to take control of your business.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with Apollo Touch.


Polaris POS

Polaris is a popular real-time information management system geared towards growing single and multiple hospitality site businesses.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with Polaris POS.


Polaris logo

CES Touch

CES Software launched CES Touch in 1997. Since then it has steadily grown to become a market leader in the supply of affordable and simple to use point of sale applications.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with CES Touch.



IBS (Intelligent Business Systems) are the team behind POSLink, a real-time 100% cloud-based EPOS solution that simplifies ‘point of service’ purchasing and enhances the entire guest experience.

Welcome Anywhere is fully compatible with the IBS POS system.


IBS Systems logo


Guestfolio simply plugs into Welcome Anywhere, extracts historical guest data and synchronises all present and future reservations. From here the system creates tailored marketing campaigns and notifications that can be actively pushed out to guests based on their known likes before, during and after a visit.

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